The Energy8 tool has been applied in profit organizations, non-profit organizations and communities globally. All initiatives have been valuable interventions for further development in small and large groups. The scope of the projects varied from small team developments with 6 people to large development initiatives with 1000 people and more.

Projects: Airbus, City of Nijmegen, SPA, Colruyt, City of Zwolle, BASF, Windesheim, MEE, Kunstmaan, Landstede, Tjallingahiem, Delta Alliance, PX, CultuurNet, MCL, Korys, MenaBev, Transmed, AON.

  • Water Management – Global – ” …. the experience I had with using the Energy8 tool with Delta Alliance. It was a great moment for the Delta Alliance team, and I think did a lot to bring us more together as a group.”
  • Aviation Industry, France – the ICT department (1,500 people) of this multinational organization uses the Energy8 tool to develop its identity, mission and future activities for internal customers.
  • Police, the Netherlands – the Energy8 tool supports the police academy to align five different departments, bringing their services and training activities to the market.
  • Dance Group, India – team building, creating meaning and setting goals.
  • Banking, Finland – the HR department uses the Energy8 tool to rethink activities and align work to meet with employees’ needs in an international environment.
  • Health care, the Netherlands – the Energy8 tool supports the R&D department in rethinking its future in this re-positioned organization and in formulating and implementing an organizational development plan.
  • Waste Management, Curacao – The top and middle management of this organization uses the Energy8 tool to improve internal communication and cooperation. An organizational development project has been defined and implemented.
  • Social Housing, the Netherlands – the Energy8 tool is used during a management development process to check the alignment between personal- and organizational drivers. Moreover it supports the process of formulating an identity, strategy and objectives.

If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don’t teach. Give them a tool, the use of which will lead to it (Buckminster Fuller).