Vital places

How do we develop streets, neighborhoods and cities into places where people have opportunities, like to live and work with pleasure? The development of a place is only possible from a deeper insight into the collective identity and living values. We provide an approach for shaping healthy urban places. 


Here is how it works. We invite residents (from 5 to more than 1000) to answer two online questions. This takes 10 minutes. From their answers, the tool instantly creates Magic Maps. These maps are unique profiles of streets or neighborhoods. Depending on the scale of a place, we organise one or more conversations.

Magic Maps accelerate a dialogue about collective identity, shared values and entrained patterns. An inspiring conversation based on three questions.

  • What observations?
  • What interpretations?
  • What interventions?

We stimulate group members to enter into a dialogue, share observations, gain insights and agree on how to take action. It’s this collective experience that creates necessary commitment for action. The basic set-up is easy, it always works.