Designer and initiator

Rik Berbé MSc

Rik is crafter of the Energy8 tool and co-author of the book ‘Energy in Organizations’. He gained experience as a professional facilitator and international management consultant for more than 20 years. Rik has participated in various international development projects for multinational companies and in local projects in education, social housing and healthcare. Rik is inquisitive and has a passion for acting in complex environments. He combines a strong theoretical framework with a compassion for working with people.

I’m active as an Organisation Consultant, Change Facilitator and Business Coach. Actually inseparable roles. As an Organisation Consultant – I get energised by using my craftsmanship to design, shape and visualise the essential elements for future-proof teams, organisations and places. Finding that sweet spot of human needs, business factors and technical possibilities. As a Change Facilitator – I use sophisticated design and coaching skills to deal with wicked problems and facilitate workshops and change initiatives. I’m highly experienced in developing blended learning programs and leadership programs using web-based engagement and collaboration platforms. As a Business Coach – I learned and fine-tuned various coaching approaches and techniques. Applying them to 1-to-1 conversations and team dynamics. Asking the right questions to help explore the complex landscape of thoughts and ideas.

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